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@ 01:11 AM (113 months, 10 days ago)
1. High and stable efficiency in photovoltaic conversion.
2. Covered by dark blue silicon nitride or titanium dioxide anti-reflection film, in homogenous color and beautiful appearance. The surface color of the cells can be changed upon the client's request so as to satisfy the application requirement in specific environment.
3. Advanced technology of impurity gettering, surface auminium back surface field, which realizes high energy conversion efficiency of the cells.
4. High quality silver and silver-aluminium paste ensure higher pulling strength and improved soldering easiness.
5. High precision patterning by screen printing, easy for the soldering machine to proceed with automatic soldering. 

125 mm Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Dimensions 125 mm×125 mm(±0.5 mm)
Thickness300 μm (±40μm)
270 μm (±40μm)
220 μm (±40μm)
Front contacts(-)2 mm busbar (Ag), silicon nitride
Rear contacts(+) 2.75 mm busbar (Ag/Al), closed aluminium BSF